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Welding - Welding workroom

WeldingIn our manufacturing hall besides assembly and locksmith work we also offer welding focused on thin and rough wall welding, pressure vessels and other work equipment according to drawing documentation. We have many years of experiences in production of new parts (supporting structures, frames, grabs, spoons …) as well as repairs of old frames, excavator spoons, containers including hydraulic cylinders and other hydraulic components.

We offer welding of products made of structural, abrasion resistant, high strength steel, aluminum alloys or stainless steel, by all conventional methods of hotmelt welding of metals:

  • MAG = Metal Active Gas
  • WIG = Wolfram Inert Gas
  • TIG = Tungsten Inert Gas

Our welding workroom is equipped with column crane with load capacity up to 2.5 t. Production space for parts is cca. 300 m2.

We are able provide serial production and also one-part individual manufacturing.

According to customers requirements we will design original construction solutions.

We mainly weld steel, stainless steel, aluminum, but we are able to provide more.


All services in area of welding, locksmithing and surface finishing (excluding zinc galvanizing or komaxiting with blasting) are ensured by our experienced and long-time employees.

Surface treatments as zinc galvanizing or komaxiting with blasting we are able to ensure due to our long term partners.