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Repairs and overhaul

With many years of competence in the field of hydraulics the company PKS servis spol. s.r.o. benefits from the practice and is able to effectively perform all repairs of new and especially older:


hydraulic equipments

  • functionality controls
  • exams
  • or. production of new aggregates/units

hydraulic cylinders

  • replacement of defective sealing elements
  • production / replacement of piston rods
  • production / replacement of tubes (casing)


  • repairs
  • internal review
  • pressure tests


  • repair or reconstruction of parts ir wholes

We offer manufacture of welded parts, welding and assembly work on pipelines and steel structures. We are equipped to EB welds or argon. There are a basic equipments for operations in metal workshops. On request we manufacture tailored hydraulic hoses at the customer using a press UNIFLEX. We also produce the universal hoses in antistatic version, suitable for use in mines and potentially explosive atmospheres of coal dust or methane.

We own equipment for the professional installation of pipelines:

  • hydraulic benders TRANSFLUID for precise bending of pipes up to 42 mm
  • hand bender XOTR for bending pipes up to 38 mm
  • forming machine VossForm for finishing of metals of hydraulic pipes for sealing on cone 24° for the pipe of diameter from 6 to 42 mm
  • hose crimpers to DN 25 mm

With the above mentioned services are very closely related gained experiences that we are able to effectively apply thanks to the professional team of technicians as well as assemblers when designing the tailored hydraulic systems. Thanks to this we are able to provide you professional consultancy, offer you various options for solving your problem and after that effectively solve the problem with personal consultation.