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Contractual NON-STOP service

NON-STOP serviceAmong the services provided by PKS service spol. s.r.o. is the contracting NON-STOP service too. Within this service we offer all the standard services related to repairs of hydraulic systems during normal operation, both at night and on weekends and public holidays. The service is realized by the customer, but in required cases may be agreed realization and service operations in the workshop of PKS service spol. s.r.o.

A brief offer of services:

  • assessment of the condition of hydraulic equipments
  • diagnostics and measuring
  • evaluation of oil samples and oil change
  • overhaul of linear hydraulic motors and selected hydraulic components
  • overhaul of centrifugal pumps of ISH Olomouc, Allweiler, Ensival, including exchanges of sealing elements and bearings
  • overhaul of comressors and blowers
  • overhaul of hydraulic distributions a aggregates/drives, construction machinery, machines for maintenance of roads and communications
  • overhaul of gearboxes and machinery units
  • complex warranty and customer service and consultancy

Our standard response time on service event in the Moravian-Silesian Region is about 3 hours - it's based on the contract agreements with customer. In the case of the need and possibility we can also provide a shorter reaction time - in the short driving distance in the surrounding of Ostrava (solved by specific service contract). In the case of far destinations is for the service events set reaction time based on the distance from our company and transport infrastructure. We offer our customers the opportunity to report a fault on our phone number.

NON-STOP serviceContact service hotline

Service no.: +420 733 417 427

For a quick solution of service events at customers with whom we have contract is important to specify the resulting defect / problem as close as possible. Your written notification of service events please sent to sales@pks-servis.com.

Warranty conditions:

The warranty for purchased components is given by warranty as provided by individual manufacturers, but always min. 12 months. Warranty conditions as well as the service conditions are always the subject of negotiations within the framework of the particular case and the client.