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dynaset oy

The Finnish company founded in 1986 which is currently the world's leading manufacturer of hydraulic generators and compressors. Dynaset innovates sets of hydraulic systems that are reliable, compact, powerful and easy to use. The basic idea of Dynaset is to use a hydraulic performance of machine as a power source for other devices.

Company DYNASET offers this products range:

  • High pressure watter and mist
  • Electricity a magnetism
  • Compressed air
  • Special applications and know-how


Products powered by hydraulics of company Dynaset generate electricity, high pressure water or compressed air for hundreds of applications in the fields of construction, mining, demolition, recycling, service, installation and maintenance, environment, forestry, agriculture, transportation, fire protection, defense, infrastructure, manufacturing etc.

More information you can find in the website Dynaset.cz (only in Czech language).