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Mobile hydraulic aggregate #2

The hydraulic aggregate forms a compact functional unit.

On the frame of tank are welded the axis of wheels (2 pivots, 2 solids), a 250 dm3 tank, a main switch, an electric lead and an outlet holder of the hydraulic connections. An electric motor with hydrogenerator holder, non-return valve, pressure gauge, safety valve, thermostat, two-level switch, filler neck with air filter, waste filter, air cooler and check valve are located on the tank lid. On the side of the tank is a level meter with a built-in thermometer and a service lid for changing the suction filter.

The unit is not equipped with cooling and, in case of long-term operation under load, there is a risk of overheating of the unit - destruction of the hydrogenerator. For long-term load requirements, the unit is constructed for montage the cooling. 

Hydro generator driven by an electric motor is located outside the tank (on the lid). The suction filter is mounted on the intake manifold. The suction filter is not accessible when machine works. At the displacement side of the hydrogenerator, a non-return valve is installed into a pipeline that protects the hydrogenerator against possible backflow of the hydraulic fluid. A pressure gauge for monitoring working pressure and a minimess connector for a possible diagnostic connection to the unit is also installed in this pressure branch. An air cooler, a check valve as a radiator protection and a waste filter are located on the tank lid. The waste filter is equipped with an electric indicator of filter clogging. A filler neck with an air filter, a level meter for switching the minimum and maximum oil levels is also mounted on the tank lid. The tank lid is equipped with a thermostat for monitoring the maximum oil temperature. There is a level meter with a built-in thermometer on the side of the tank.