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Mobile hydraulic aggregate #1

There si a steel off-drop bath, an aluminum tank with a capacity of 30 dm3, an electrical box with a main switch, an electric supply lead and an outlet for hydraulic hoses are placed on a tube frame made of seamless steel tubes equipped with scroll wheels (2 rotary with brake, 2 fixed). An electric motor with hydrogenerator holder, check valve, pressure gauge, monobloc switchgear, filler neck with air filter and waste filter are located on the tank lid. There is a level meter with a built-in thermometer on the side of the tank

In the tank below the oil level is placed a hydroenerator driven by an electric motor that is outside the tank (on the lid). A suction filter is located on the inlet of the hydrogenerator. The suction filter is not accessible to the aggregate. At the displacement side of the hydrogenerator, a non-return valve is installed into a pipeline that protects the hydrogenerator against possible backflow of the hydraulic fluid. A pressure gauge for monitoring working pressure and a Minimess connection for a possible diagnostic connection to the unit is also installed in this pressure branch. A monoblocks hydraulic distributor is fitted behind the non-return valve, including a safety valve. A waste filter mounted on the tank lid is connected to the waste branch. The waste filter is equipped with filter clogging indicator. A filler neck with an air filter is also mounted on the tank lid. There is a gauge with a built-in thermometer on the side of the tank.