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Mobile filter unit FJ25

Filter unit can be used for emptying hydraulic systems, for filtering oil fillings, transferring oil etc. Using filter unit can extend life time of hydraulic systems and service intervals, meet manufacturers requirements for hydraulic element about oil purity and in some cases also prevent breakdowns. Filter unit is an indispensable assistant for every operation, service or maintenance due to the increased accuracy of production of hydraulic elements and hence demands for oil cleanliness.

All parts of filter unit are mounted on a mobile tubular frame.

Three-way ball valve is located on device to drain off dirty oil that you do not need to filter. The ball valve allows the oil to flow out of the filter element, thereby extending life of filter element, so that oil that does not filter can be sucked out from oil change device.

Technical parameters

  • Electric motor output:    P = 1,1 kW
  • Speed:                               1 400 ot/min 
  • Voltage:                            230 V
  • Frequency:                        50 Hz
  • Gear pump HG:               delivery quantity 30 dm3/min