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Mobile cutting machine MSS 30

It is a single-purpose machine for cutting of rubber and textile strips from rolls with the following parameters:

  • electronic adjustment of cut length and number of strips
  • setting up the required parameters from the control panel Siemens LOGO
  • automatic unrolling from the role
  • maximum diameter of the rolls to 400 mm
  • tape width 10-30 mm (rubber and textile)
  • diameter of the inner opening from 50 mm to 100 mm
  • mechanically adjustable cutting angle from 0 to 45°
  • cutting length tolerance +/- 4 mm
  • working cycle of about 1pc / 6sec (approx 4000ks / 8h shift) >> depends on the individual lengths of cut strips - max. 1pc / 12sec. (min. approx 2000pcs / 8h shift)
  • straight cut free of burrs
  • power 220V/50Hz
  • to operate the device is necessary a source of compressed air (6 - 10 bar)
  • the equipment includes a manual, CE, unit for compressed air and spare cutter

Technical parameters

Working medium
Operating temperature range of media 
Ambient temperature


Hybrid servomotor M1

  • type
  • torque
  • speed
  • voltage


The unwinding motor M2

  • typE
  • performance
  • voltage
  • gear ratio


Tape sensor





Total power consuption


compressed air 6-10bar
(10 ÷ 30)°C
max. 40°C, min 5°C



2 Nm
60-1800 min-1



40 W
230 V, 50Hz



< 70 dB (A)
SP1 lot unwound tape
SP2 little unwound tape
SP3 indication of the cut strip
SP4 indication of strip on the table


230V, 50Hz