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Hydraulic chimney milling cutter

The chimney milling cutter serves for the enlargement of vertical chimney vents, ventilation shafts.

The advantage of the hydraulic drive is high performance, especially at lower engine speeds. Compared to air milling cutter, the hydraulic drive is less susceptible to dust swirling.

The hydraulic drive unit of the chimney milling cutter can also be used to drive other hydraulic devices (hammers, jackhammers ...).

The chimney milling cutter is equipped with an electric motor and a 400V switch with a switching phase and can be used anywhere on the construction site. Thanks to its low weight, large field wheels and a great construction, the hydraulic flue cutter is well suited to daily transport on building site, unpaved areas. Thanks to its size, it can be transport by lifts and thanks to its weight, it does not burden the assembly vehicle as well.