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Hydraulic and lubricating aggregate for the KTM 1400 mill

The hydraulic unit fitted with hydraulic elements serves as a source of pressure energy for the drive of the hydraulic pistons, that are serve for pressure on runner mill-stone of the vertical circular mill KTM1400. The hydraulic aggregate has a tank of 120 dm3.

Hydraulic aggregate is made as a compact device, that is, the elements are located on the tank, in the tank and in its immediate vicinity:

  • power unit with gear hydro generator
  • electromotor 4kW
  • two-position block DN6, with a relief electromagnetic switchgear and a safety valve
  • electromagnetic manifold DN6 for runner mill-stone pressure, hydraulic lock, throttle, safety valve
  • electromagnetic switchboard DN6 for service cylinder, choke valve, safety valve
  • suction filter
  • waste
  • filling neck with air filter, optical level gauge, thermostat, level gauge with temperature sensor, heating spiral
  • a cut-off valve and a one-way valve
  • hydraulic bladder accumulator with a safety block and a reducing solenoid valve

Lubricating aggregate is made as a compact device, that is, it must be connected to the gearbox housing.The suction is connected to the bottom of the transmission where the oil is removing. Subsequently, it is filtered and cooled. The oil thus treated is supplied under a pressure of up to 6 bar to the flow divider which distributes it to the individual lubricated points again in the gear unit.

The following main elements are located on the lubrication unit:

  • Drive unit with gear hydrogenerator non-regulating
  • Safety valve for circuit protection against overload
  • Double filter
  • Air cooler