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Hydraulic aggregate (walking beam furnace) - PAK (10/2014)

Hydraulic actuators for walking beam furnace

For all hydraulically controlled functions on the walking beam furnace is designed one hydraulic aggregate, hydraulically connected to the hydraulic distribution blocks, all with the necessary hydraulic and electro-hydraulic components. Hydraulic blocks controls kinematic and dynamic parameters of linear hydraulic motors that are functionally connected with technological equipment of the furnace.

On the walking beam furnace are installed the following hydraulic units: 

  • The pusher into the furnace
  • Lift of the stepping mechanism
  • Transporting equipment of the stepping mechanism
  • Uplift of the slide

Parameters of hydaulic unit

Total installed power
Pic = 65 kW
Maximum working pressure in the hydraulic system
pgmax = 13 MPa
Maximum flow from the pressure source (one pump in operation)
Qgmax = 100 dm3min-1
Oil tank capacity
Vn = 800 dm3