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Hydraulic aggregate HA 250 / 7,5 / 36

The hydraulic aggregate consists of a off-drop bath in which there is a 250 dm3 steel welded tank. There are two assemblies with an electric motor with a hydrogenerator holder and a lamel hydrogenerator on the tank lid. One drive is in the function and the other serves as a backup source. Additional non-return valve, main safety valve and two-position distribution block.

At the waste side of the hydrogenerator, a non-return valve is mounted in a pipe that protects the hydrogenerator against possible hydraulic fluid backflow. A pressure gauge is also installed in this pressure branch to monitor the working pressure. Behind a non-return valve is mounted a safety valve and a distributor block with a relieving switchgear. The safety valve is set to a pressure of 120 bar and sealed.

On the first position is a relieving switchgear, which relieves the lamell hydrogenerator when no working pressure is required. On the second position is a blanking plate according to the customer's request. In the waste branch is a waste filter with a filtering capacity of 10 μm, which is located on the tank lid. The waste filter is equipped with electric indicator of clogging the filter. A filler neck with an air filter is also mounted on the tank lid. On the side of the tank there is a level indicator with a built-in thermometer.

A circulation pump is attached to the tank lid, connected to the air filter, which is located on the side of the tank on the metal bracket. From the heat sink, the liquid is filtered through a SPIN ON filter with a filtering capacity of 10 μm. The filter has an electrical clogging indicator.