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Hydraulic aggregate (HA 100/30/250) - RUS


Type HA 100/30/250

is designed to supply hydraulic fluid under operating pressure to propel handling equipment or other equipment that are matching the technical parameters of the aggregate. The product may be placed horizontally on the ground or may be hung using the lifting eyes on the frame. In this case must be ensured that during operation the electric motor of aggregate must be correctly ensured against swing in both levels docked. Its operation can be realized in mining dangerous atmospheric conditions according to ČSN EN 1127-2 + A1, with limiting the content of methane in the atmosphere to the values prescribed by regulations in the country where should be installed / used.

Compact equipment

There are the following elements on the tank with a plan dimension 633 mm x 460 mm and height 580 mm with volume 100 dm3:

  • suction filters with filtration capacity of 60 µm and drain filter (with absolute filtration 10 µm) with pressure indicator of clogging, filling neck with vent, optical level gauge, electric switch of minimum level and thermostat, safety valve, inspection cover
  • hand rotary pump with coarse filter and anti-static hose for filling the tank with working fluid

Monitoring of temperature and oil level

The hydraulic tank is equipped with a thermostat set from the manufacturer on 80° C and with level switch set for monitoring of emergency low oil level. In the case of increase of oil temperature in the tank or decrease of oil level in the tank below the set level (value) or in case of interrupt of cables will be the aggregate immediately stopped.

Technical data

  • Total installed input power P = 15 kW
  • Power system U = 660 V; 50 Hz
  • Maximum working pressure in hydraulic circuit p = 25 MPa
  • Maximum working pressure in hydraulic motor circuit of cooler p = 3 MPa
  • Weight of hydraulic aggregate HA 250/30/100 830 kg
  • Noise 91,4 dB(A)