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Hydraulic aggregate for the KTM 1200 mill

Hydraulic aggregate is made as a compact device, that is, the elements are located on the tank, in the tank and in its immediate vicinity:

  • drive unit with hydro generator and electric motor. The hydro generator supplies pressure for the downforce and lifting of the hydraulic cylinders.
  • two-position block with relieving electromagnetic switchgear and safety valve, minimess connectors, ball valves, pressure sensor
  • electromagnetic switchboards for tread pressure, hydraulic lock and safety valve pA=60 bar and pB=140 bar
  • suction filter with a filtering capacity of 60 microns
  • a waste filter with a filtering capacity of 10 microns with an indication of the filter insert clogging
  • filling neck with venting, optical level gauge, temperature sensor, level gauge with thermostat 
  • heating spiral 1,25kW
  • cut-off suction valves
  • hydraulic bladder accumulator with a safety block and a reducing solenoid valve

The hydro generator is relieved when starting the electric motor.