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Hydraulic aggregate for test equipment


The hydraulic aggregate is designed according to the requirements of the customer to drive 2 linear hydraulic motors, which are part of a testing device used to test the life of products for the automotive industry. The hydraulic aggregate is designed for ISO VG 46 mineral hydraulic oil.

A welded steel tank with a cubic capacity 90 dm3 is located in the off-dropping bath. At the bottom of the tank there is a ball valve, which serves for service drain the tank.

There are two drive units on the tank lid which consist of two electric motors that run through a aluminium block (pump holder with clutch), circulating pump (quick-release, circulating cooling and filtration) and two pumps coupled in tandem (drive of linear hydraulic motors).

The suction of the pumps is provided with suction baskets. In the displacement of pump for drive of hydraulic motors is located pressure filters in particular, non-return valves, which protect the pumps from possible backflows of the hydraulic fluid. Control unit is consist of a connection block with safety valves set to the desired pressure, then directional switchboards, and parallel proportional safety valves for controlling the compressive force of individual hydro motors. The pressure branch with the circulation function is equipped with a non-return valve, a safety valve and a directional switchgear, which is used to switch between circulating / filtering and rapid-stroke individual hydromotors.

On the lid of the tank there is also a filler neck with air filter, level gauge, waste filter with electronic indicator by pollution the filter insert, two plugged plugs serving as a reserve and lid on which the refrigeration unit is located.

There is a level indicator with a built-in thermometer on the front side of the tank. There are two thermostats on the left side of tank. There is a holder with an air cooler mounted above which an electric cabinet with controls will be installed on the right side of tank.

A capacitive sensor is provided in the off-dropping bath to indicate oil leakage from the tank to the tub.