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Hydraulic aggregate for riveting function

The hydraulic aggregate forms a compact unit. The hydraulic aggregate consists of a off-drop bath in which there is a 100 dm3 steel welded tank. There are electric motor with a hydrogenerator holder and a lamel hydrogenerator on the tank lid. Additional non-return valve, main safety valve and two-position distribution block. In the first position is the relieving distributor DN06, in the second position is the throttle valve and the main switchboard DN06 for control of the required functions according to the customer's order. A pressure gauge is also located on the distribution block.

The oil tank lid also includes a filler neck with an air filter, a waste filter, two thermostats. There is a gauge with built-in thermometer on the side.

At the displacement side of the hydrogenerator is mounted behind the hose a non-return valve to pipe to protect the hydrogenerator against possible backflow of the hydraulic fluid. A manometer for operating pressure monitoring is also installed in this pressure branch. Behind the check valve is fitted with the accumulator and the distribution block with the main safety valve and the relieving valve DN 06. The safety valve is set to the given pressure and sealed. In the first position is a relieving switchgear, which relieves the lamel hydrogenerator when no working pressure is required. In the second position is the throttle valve for adjusting the speed of the piston and the electromagnetic switchgear according to the customer's request. In the waste branch there is mounted a plate water cooler mounted on the side of the tank and a waste filter with a filtering capacity of 10 μm, which is placed on the tank lid. The waste filter is equipped with an optical indicator of clogging the filter.
The HA 100/4/23 hydraulic aggregate is designed to meet the requirements of the customer to drive four linear motors. The hydraulic aggregate is designed for ISO VG 46 mineral hydraulic oil.