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Hydraulic aggregate for mill PM 800

Hydropneumatic runner mill-stone pressure - hydraulic circuit function:

  • Start of the mill - the runner mill-stonea are at the stop and the accumulators are pressurized to the required working pressure.
  • Steady running of the mill - creat of permanent pressing force, allowing the springing of runner mill-stone and occasional turn away up to 25 mm.
  • Possibility to increase or decrease the pressing force while running the mill in the range of approx. 20% from the set pressure.
  • Lifting the runner mill-stone, reaching the upper position indicated by the end sensors (part of the mill).
  • The hydraulic system ensures that the runner mill-stone are not spontaneously triggered in any position.
  • Triggering of the stones to the take, breaking the stone. Upon reaching the layer of minced material, increasing the pressure force and compress the accumulators to the desired value.
  • When the milling is complete, the pressure is relieved.