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Hydraulic aggregate for mill PM 1400

... is made as a compact device, that is, the elements are located on the tank, in the tank and in its immediate vicinity:

  • drive unit with hydro generator and electric motor. The hydro generator supplies pressure for the downforce and lifting of the hydraulic piston.
  • four-position block with reducing electromagnetic switchgear and safety valve
  • electromagnetic switchboards for tread pressure, hydraulic lock and safety valve
  • suction filter with a filtering capacity of 60 microns
  • a waste filter with a filtering capacity of 10 microns with an indication of the filter insert clogging
  • filling neck with venting, optical level gauge, temperature sensor, level gauge with thermostat
  • heating spiral 1,25kW
  • cut-off suction valves
  • hydraulic bladder accumulator with a safety block and a reducing solenoid valve
  • other necessarily parts of hydraulic aggregate

The hydro generator is relieved when starting the electric motor.

In order to supply pressure to the hydrogenerator, it is necessary to switch the ignition switch coil.

Basic parameters of the aggregate:

  • oil tank with cubic capacity 250 dm3
  • working fluid - Hydraulic oil HLP ISO VG46
  • oil filtration degree = 60 μm
  • electric motor with power P = 11 kW
  • hydrogenerator - delivery quantity 40 dm3 / min
  • working pressure up to 160 bar
  • maximum pressure of 200 bar
  • heating spiral 1,25kW
  • accumulators cubic capacity 3x 32 dm3