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Hydraulic aggregate for bearing compression and small pressure aggregate


Hydraulic power unit

The hydraulic aggregate is a propulsion unit for hydraulic motors and customer technology (hydraulic motors and other technologies were not included in PKS servis spol. s r.o.). The hydraulic aggregate is designed for ISO VG 32 mineral hydraulic oil.
The hydraulic aggregate forms a compact unit. It consists of a steel welded tank with a capacity of 250 dm3. An electric motor with a holder is placed on the tank lid, which drives two hydro generators coupled in tandem. The first tandem section is a Kawasaki axial piston hydro pump with power regulation. This hydrogenerator represents a source of pressure energy for the individual technological units for which the aggregate is intended. The second pump acts as a circulating branch for cooling the oil in the air cooler. A pressure filter is placed on the discharge from the main hydrogenerator, the entire circuit being protected by a safety valve. The pump can be relieved by means of a relief valve. Power control of the pump is insured to the required pressure. An air cooler, a waste filter and a non-return valve are located at the outlet of the circulation pump. On the lid of the tank is also the filler neck with air filter.

Technical parameters

  • Tank volume:                      250 dm3
  • Working fluid:                     HLP mineral oil, VG 32
  • Ambient temperature:         -15 ÷ + 40 ° C
  • M1 electric motor:              power 18.5 kW; 230/400 V; 50 Hz
  • Electric motor M2:              power 1.1 kW; 230/400 V; 50 Hz
  • Radial piston HG1:              approx. 120 dm3/min ; max. 320 bar ; gear HG2 circulating:     approx. 30 dm3/min ; max. 10 bar

Pressure aggregate 

  • Tank volume:                  40 dm3
  • Working fluid:                 HLP ISO VG46 hydraulic oil
  • Ambient temperature:     +20 ÷ + 40 ° C
  • Electric motor:                3 kW; 230/400 V; 50 Hz
  • Hydrogenator:                5.4 dm3 / min.