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Hydraulic aggregate (briquette press) - PAK (10/2014)


Hydraulic units for briquette press

For all hydraulically controlled functions on briquette press is designed just one hydraulic aggregate, hydraulically connected with the hydraulic distribution blocks, all with the necessary hydraulic and electro-hydraulic components. Hydraulic blocks control kinematic and dynamic parameters of linear hydraulic motors which are functionally connected with the technology of the briquette press.

Structure of hydraulics blocks

  • Hydraulic block for cylinder of preform
  • Hydraulic block for cylinder of gate
  • Hydraulic block for main cylinder

Working cycle of the briquetting press

  1. Starting position: cylinder of gate closes workspace of briquetting press.
  2. Workspace is filled with a screw conveyor.
  3. The filling hole getting close by ejecting the cylinder of preform.
  4. Master cylinder extends forward with rapid traverse, after reaching 100 bar starts pressing.
  5. After reaching the required pressure occurs on both cylinders decompression.
  6. Cylinder of the gate is after decompression inserted back and due to the master cylinder is compressed product ejected out
  7. The main cylinder is inserted back. The cylinder of gate is ejected to closed position.
  8. Cylinder of preform - the piston rod retracts and the cyclus is on the beginning - new filling can start