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Hydraulic aggregate 4kW + 1,5kW

The hydraulic aggregate is designed according to the requirements of the customer to drive 4 linear hydraulic motors and 1 rotary hydromotor. The hydraulic aggregate is designed for ISO VG 46 mineral hydraulic oil and for occasional operation - short-term because the unit is not equipped with cooling. In case of long-term operation under load there is a risk of overheating of the unit - destruction of the hydrogenerator.

There is an steel tank with a volume of 140 dm3 and EM1 electric motor with HG1 hydrogenerator holder on the two steel profiles. An electric motor EM2 with a hydrogenerator holder, a filler neck with an air filter, a waste filter, a distributor block with safety valves fitted with hydraulic locks, throttles the valve and electromagnetic switchgear for control of the required functions according to the customer's order are located on the tank lid. There is a level indicator with a built-in thermometer on the side of the tank.

In the tank below the oil level are placed 2 hydro generators driven by an electric motor that is outside the tank (on the lid). The suction filter with filtering capability 90 µm is mounted on the intake manifold. The suction filters is not available when machine works. At the waste side of the hydrogenerator, a non-return valve is mounted in a pipeline that protects the hydrogenerator from possible backflow of hydraulic fluids. A non-return valve is equipped with a safety valve. The safety valve is factory set to operating pressure and sealed against unauthorized manipulation. The distribution block is equipped with two electromagnetic switchboards. Behind a non-return valve is montage a distribution block with safety valve. The distribution block is fitted with throttle valves, hydraulic locks and electromagnetic switchboards. A waste filter situated on the tank lid is mounted in the waste branch. The waste filter is equipped with a fiber optic pointer of clogging filler insertion.