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Automatic saw with feeder, hydraulic bender and ejector


Production of automatic saw with feeder, hydraulic bender and ejector

The saw consists of the following parts:

  • 7-meter construction - to accommodate 6-meter rods, which will then be cut to a length of 297 mm with a very low tolerance (+- 0.2 mm),
  • Saw:
    • saw blade,
    • pneumatic bar feeder to the saw,
    • pneumatic holder (for greater material stability during cutting),
    • pneumatic ejector of cut pieces,
  • stepper conveyor - from the saw blade will be ejected cut part, which will be stepped into the induction (heating of the material) or in the magazine,
  • the stack - the stack is connected to a stepper conveyor where the cut materials will be stored, for example, if there is a failure of the induction, material bending,
  • induction - two inductions are mounted on the frame to heat the material to 800 ° C. After heating, the material is introduced into the bender,
  • bender - consists of 4 hydraulic cylinders that, when properly moved, bend the heated material to the letter "C"
  • ejector - the bent material pulls out of the bender.