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YUKEN - hydraulic components

Yuken pump

... now available also in Ostrava.

With growing demand for Yuken products not only in our region we have created new consignment stock in Ostrava in cooperation with Czech branch of Yuken EUROPE.

With this step company Yuken strives to get closer as much as possible to end customers and resolves critical situations that require missing products in shortest possible timeframe.

We offer service not only to our existing customers, but also to companies that have been using Yuken products for long time and need significantly improve supply of their customers.

Establishment of consignment stock will be appreciated mainly by automotive partners for whom we hold following products:

Yuken valve

  • hydraulic switchboards
  • safety valves
  • reduction valves
  • throttle valves
  • hydraulic locks
  • valve coils
  • axial piston hydrogenerators
  • anti-cavity blocks
  • regulation of hydrogenerators

In case of Yuken hydraulic products you haven't found in our offer, do not hesitate and contact us. If necessary and prospect on periodical subscriptions we will provide you these components in reasonable amount at stock.

Yuken distributor

Contact to sales department:
+420 556 205 360
+420 604 712 344

In case of more serious or unspecified failure of device where it is not possible simple replacement of hydraulic element and complex service intervention with diagnostics is required our company offer complete service operations.