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Tube bending efficiently

Compact bender of hydraulic pipes

Due to the increasing demand and the need to install many different tube diameters, which can no longer be operatively bent on conventional hand benders, we have decided to purchase a Transfluid MB 3080 stationary bender that not only saves work and time, but also makes production and service more efficient.

Thanks to the compact dimensions of the tube bender, it can be loaded into the delivery vehicle and arrive at the customer's site for service or montage. Made pipping system on-site at the customer's will provide a whole new dimension.

In our field of production and servicing of hydraulic equipment, the hydraulic pipe bender is a very useful device that meets the parameters of the equipment for everyday work. Easy to set up and easy to operate. The equipment includes special pipe bending tools ensure to the clean bend and avoid wrinkle free on the pipe surface.