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Pipe bending bespoke

Compact bender of hydraulic pipes

Tube bending efficiently and tailor-made

Given the growing demand and the need to install the same series of precisely bent and same pipe diameters, we have taken the step of acquiring new machinery that will save us time and make production and service more efficient in the future.
For our production and service needs, we have newly acquired the Transfluid DB 642K compact bending machine.



Basic machine benders parameters:

  • control with the possibility of pre-setting bending angles, angle resolution of 0.1 °
  • clamping device for all pipe sizes (6-42 mm)
  • max. wall thickness of bent tube Ø 42 x 5 mm for steel and Ø 42 x 3 mm for stainless steel
  • tube displacement resolution 0.1 mm
  • Angle measurement using an encoder
  • special pipe bending tools ensure to the clean bend and avoid wrinkle free on the pipe surface