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Electric devices for low voltage


We design low voltage electrical devices for single-purpose machines and automation. We use E-plan P8 software for design according to our own or customer standards. We design new equipment, but alsowe can provide modifications to the documentation on equipment for which the documentation was lost or modifications of the equipment were not drawn.

Elektro skříň


We manufacture electrical box for equipment, including peripherals (sensors, cabling, valves, etc.)


We provide programming on the Siemens Simatic S7-300 / 400/1200/1500 system, including visualization on the operator panel, we create new programs for new devices and modifications of existing software according to customer requirements. In addition to Simatic systems, we also have experience with other systems. Applications of drive control by frequency converters. In this area, we mainly use products from Siemens, Schneider Electric and others.

Service and diagnostics

We provide service and diagnostics on all types of LV electrical devices, including the ensure of spare parts and replacement or replacement of components that are no longer manufactured, including the setting of analogy sensors, displays, controllers, frequency converters, etc.

Elektro skříň agregátu

Renovation and overhaul

We are engaged in the renovation of old equipment, replacement of electrical boxes, cabling, connectors, etc.

Disconnection and connection of el. equipment during moving

We ensure disconnection of electrical boxes and other electrical components during the relocation of equipment and their reconnection and testing after relocation.


We provide preventive inspections of electrical equipment. We check the condition of electrical components of cabling, connectors, tightening of connections.


In the field of consulting, we focus on the design, modification and servicing of electrical equipment. For example, we propose the simplest possible variants of el. equipment according to the environment in which it will be located or such modifications to the existing equipment that the value of the modifications is adequate to the age of the equipment, while maintaining the reliability of the equipment. When servicing, we pay attention to choosing the right component or replacement that.