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Single-purpose machines

We develop, produce and service single-purpose machines, automatic and semi-automatic production and assembly lines according to customer's wishes and needs. Co-operation with customer begins with the specification of its needs, the outline of expectations and requirements for equipment and the design of appropriate technologies. From phase of discovery to device requirements the communication with customer moves to the stage of custom design and modeling of an optimal automation solution with an economic point of view. Close cooperation and communication with the customer continues throughout the manufacturing process and test phase of the equipment (assemblies).

The production and development of technically and technologically sophisticated lines and single-purpose machines is conditioned to the use of various technological operations controlled by software. The main building stone of automation is the work and handling of parts. This activity is conditioned by the identification, control, measurement and localization of parts where various measuring instruments (lasers, cameras ...) are used.

Single-purpose machines

All of our designed and manufactured machine units and single-purpose machines meet the applicable safety standards of the Czech Republic or the target country.

We develop, produce and ensure:

Automatic production lines

Semi-automatic production lines

Testing devices and units

Control systems