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Hydraulic aggregates

Based on the requirement of the customer we provide development, design, construction, manufacture, assembly and commissioning of standard hydraulic equipment. Furthermore we also provide development, reconstruction and modernization of atypical single-purpose hydraulic equipment - standardly to 320 bar, on request up to 1500 bar. The devices made by us we guarantee warranty service.

Of course there is resolving of construction and design of products in CAD or 3D drawing SW Solid Work by the development and design of facilities.

Hydraulic aggregates

Main scopes of the company:

  • hydraulic drives of the presses and technological units
  • hydraulic control blocks and tanks
  • hydraulic aggregates and mini-aggregates
  • central lubrication systems
  • reconstruction and modernization of hydraulic drives
  • service and repair of hydraulic shears, press packets, renovation and repair of cylinders and engines
  • pipelines (hydraulics - pneumatics - lubrication)
  • development of atypical single-purpose hydraulic equipments (eg. a pulsating test equipment for product testing by internal overpressure)
  • service and technical consultancy
  • hydraulic valves and components in explosion-proof
  • production of aggregates into the mines
  • and more

We supply hydraulic drives for presses, shears, benders, assembling jigs, machining centers, winders, construction equipment, crushers, mills, power superstructures for trucks, special hydraulics for mining machinery and more.

Hydraulic aggregates for MINING INDUSTRY

We have a special range of hydraulic aggregates focused for use in the mining environment. All of our manufactured equipment follow the strict criteria of the Mining Authority as well as ČSN EN directives and standards.


Electronic leaflets of mining aggregates to download