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Filtering unitsFILTERING UNITS

Portable / Mobile filtering units (FJ-5; FJ-11; FJ-22 a FJ-35) are primarily designed to fill hydraulic systems with the required degree of purity. This degree of oil purity is achieved by means of filter inserts from the offered size range 3, 6, 10, 25, 60 and 90 μm of nominal and absolute filtration series.
The filter units consist of an electric motor driven electric generator, one SPIN ON filter, transparent suction and discharge hoses for visual oil flow control and accessories.

Simple mobile hydraulic device of compact dimensions for service purposes in industrial operations

  • filling of hydraulic systems
  • emptying of hydraulic systems
  • filtration of oil fillings
  • pumping of oils

The use of filter units prolongs the life-time of hydraulic systems, comply with the requirements of manufacturers of hydraulic components for oil purity and prevents disturbances. Due to increased precision in the production of hydraulic elements and thus to the demands on purity of oil, the filter units are an indispensable helper for any operation, service or maintenance.

At the customer's request a filter unit can be supplied:

  • with hoses and electrical supply with different lengths,
  • mount the unit with other selected filter inserts,
  • choose multi-stage filtering (cascade sorting),
  • reduce / increase oil flow,
  • and other parameters.

ELECTRONIC CATALOGUE of filtering units to download in *.PDF (CZ only)