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Profile of the company PKS servis spol. s r.o.

PKS servis spol. s r.o. is an established company operating on the market since 1997, when its activities focused exclusively on the technical, manufacturing, sales and service activities in the field of hydraulic systems, central lubrication systems and pneumatics. With the progresses of time the range of services was expanded to:

  • development
  • projection
  • construction
  • production
  • assembly
  • NON-STOP service
  • systems reconstructions
  • sales of hydraulic components

Know-how is based on detailed knowledge of the functioning of hydraulic systems and the needs of their use in all establishments, both by national as well as European and global standards.

Thanks to many years of competence in the field of hydraulics benefits our company from the practice and can effectively carry out all repairs of new and especially older hydraulic equipments and hydraulic cylinders, including pipeline flushes, pressure testing of hydraulic units and pipelines. An inseparable part of the development, production, repair, and installation is also providing service. Furthermore a wide range of service operations we also provide contractual NON-STOP service. Within this service we offer all the standard services related to repairs of hydraulic systems during normal operation.

In the field of trading activity we provide services not only for our regular customers, but usually we keep on stock a normal range of hydraulic pipes, high pressure fittings, pipe clamps, ball valves, throttle and insurance valves, gear pumps, manometers, filters and filter elements etc.

We also offer and install Dynaset equipments using performance of the hydraulic machines as a power source for other devices - high pressure water, electricity, compressed air and special applications (FRS).