Production, sale and servicing of hydraulic equipment, of central lubrication systems and pneumatics

The focus of the work of PKS service spol. s.r.o. is the production of hydraulics for standard and special applications, the reconstruction of hydraulic equipments and the proposal of tailored hydraulics. We are also able to carry out refurbishment of older hydraulic equipments and hydraulic cylinders. Within the services we provide customized production of hoses, installation and servicing of hydraulic, pneumatic equipments, centrifugal pumps, compressors, etc. in the Czech Republic, part of Poland and Slovakia.

The main scope of company

  • hydraulic drives of the press and technological units
  • hydraulic control blocks and tanks
  • hydraulic (mini)aggregates
  • central lubrication systems
  • reconstruction and modernization of hydraulic drives
  • service and repair of hydraulic shears, of packet
    presses, cylinders renovation and repair of aggregates
  • pipelines (hydraulic-pneumatic-lubrication)
  • hydraulic valves and components in Ex-version
  • development of atypical hydraulic equipment
  • service and technical consulting
  • production of mine aggregates
  • and other
  • hydraulic drives of the press and technological units
  • hydraulic control blocks and tanks
  • hydraulic (mini)aggregates
  • central lubrication systems
  • diagnostics of hydraulic systems with measuring device HYDAC HMG 3000
  • dynamics measurements, diagnostics surface of temperatures in comparison in time
  • repase of linear hydraulic motors, pumps, hydraulic pipeline and construction machinery drives
  • complex warranty and customer service, consulting
  • professional & experienced team of technicians and fitters
  • detailed knowledge of the functioning of hydraulic systems
  • longstanding experience with the needs and requirements of our customers as well as market
  • knowledge of the needs of use the hydraulic according to national, EU and global standards
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  • DSC06660_Fotor.jpg

    The hydraulic aggregate represents the propulsion unit for the hydrostatic thrusters (the hydromotors were part of the ...
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  • DSC_1304_Fotor.jpg

    Hydraulic aggregate (walking beam furnace) - PAK (10/2014)
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  • P1020054_Fotor.jpg

    Mobilní hydraulický agreagát
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Aims and mission of our company

Our aim is flexibly provide to our customers the optimal and affordable solutions and offer complex services in field of hydraulics for all industries.

Our mission is to build long-term partnerships with our customers by providing cutting-edge technology, premium services and reliable solutions. We are determined to be exceptional and comply with all requirements to our customers.